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Do You Have To Rehydrate Freeze Dried Dog Food? Comprehensive Guide

Do You Have to Rehydrate Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Yes, freeze dried dog food does need to be rehydrated before serving it to your furry friend. Rehydrating freeze dried food is an essential step to restore the moisture content and texture of the food, making it safe, palatable and easier for dogs to consume.

Freeze drying removes around 95-97% of the moisture from dog food through a process of freezing and then reducing surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water to sublimate straight from solid ice to vapor. This water content needs to be reintroduced by rehydrating with water before feeding freeze dried food to dogs.

There are several key reasons why rehydrating freeze dried dog food is so important:

Restores Moisture Content

As mentioned, freeze drying strips away almost all of the original moisture. Dog food that is served in this extremely dry state can be hard for dogs to chew and swallow comfortably. Rehydrating freeze dried food by adding water returns moisture to the food, providing the right texture and making it easier for dogs to eat.

Aids Digestion

The high moisture content in rehydrated freeze dried food also aids digestion. Water helps move food smoothly through the digestive tract. Dry food that is not rehydrated can become compacted and lead to constipation. Restoring moisture prevents this problem.

Enhances Flavor

Dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans but a weaker sense of taste. The extra moisture from rehydrating allows the natural flavors within the food to be released, making it more palatable and appetizing for pups. Freeze dried food that isn’t rehydrated can end up bland and unexciting to a dog.

Provides Proper Nutrition

Freeze drying causes nutritional changes in dog food, mostly related to how well nutrients can be absorbed. Rehydrating returns the food to the right moisture level for proper nutritional absorption and delivery of vitamins, minerals and more that dogs need.

Prevents Choking

Dry and crunchy food comes with risks of choking, especially in smaller dogs or breeds with dental issues. Rehydrating the food softens it and allows dogs to eat it safely without excessively dry chunks that could pose a choking hazard.

So in summary, yes, any freeze dried dog food must be rehydrated before feeding to restore proper moisture content, texture, flavor, nutrition and safety. Manufacturers will provide rehydration instructions, but typically it just involves adding warm water and allowing time for the food to fully absorb it. Don’t skip this step - rehydrating is critical for your dog’s health and happiness at mealtime.

How Should You Rehydrate Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Rehydrating freeze dried dog food is simple but there are some tips to do it properly:

Check the Label

The first step is always to check the label on your specific brand and formula of freeze dried food. The manufacturer will provide rehydration guidelines including the correct water to food ratio. This varies between brands but is typically around 1 cup of water per 1 cup of food.

Following package instructions ensures you hydrate the food correctly. Under-hydrating provides insufficient moisture while over-hydrating can make the food too watery.

Use Warm Water

Warm water, not cold, is recommended for rehydrating freeze dried dog food. Warm water allows the food to absorb moisture more effectively. Hot water can damage nutrients so aim for a pleasantly warm temperature.

Give it Time

Just adding water and serving immediately isn’t sufficient. Pour the warm water over the food and then allow time for full absorption and softening. Most brands need around 5 to 10 minutes.

Stir Well

Gently stir the food and water together while rehydrating to evenly distribute moisture. Then stir again just before serving to ensure any remaining dry bits have fully absorbed water.

Adjust if Needed

If the rehydrated food seems too dry or wet, make small adjustments. Add a touch more warm water or drain off excess moisture until you achieve the right consistency.

Following the tips above helps ensure proper rehydration for the tastiest, safest and most nutritious results. Check packaging, use warm water, allow time to fully absorb, stir well and tweak as needed.

How Much Water Do You Add to Rehydrate Freeze Dried Dog Food?

The correct amount of water needed to properly rehydrate freeze dried dog food depends on the specific brand and formula. Check packaging for manufacturer rehydration guidelines. But typically, the starting water to food ratio is:

  • 1 cup warm water per 1 cup of freeze dried dog food

This 1:1 water-to-food ratio is a standard guideline but always follow package instructions. Using too little or too much water affects the food’s moisture content, texture, taste and nutritional profile.

Factors like the size or shape of freeze dried pieces, density and ingredient composition can require slightly more or less water. For example, some rehydration guidelines are:

  • 1 1⁄4 cups water per 1 cup food
  • 1 1⁄2 cups water per 1 cup food
  • 1 3⁄4 cups water per 1 cup food

For best results:

  • Start with package guidelines like 1:1 water to food
  • Allow full rehydration time of 5-10 minutes
  • Stir well then check consistency and adjust water as needed
  • Add a touch more water if still too dry
  • Drain off excess moisture if too wet

With a little trial and error, you’ll find the right hydration level for your particular freeze dried formula to achieve the optimal texture and moisture content. Just be sure not to over or under-hydrate for your dog’s health.

What is the Best Way to Rehydrate Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Rehydrating freeze dried dog food correctly helps it retain nutrition while providing the right taste, texture and moisture content. Follow these tips for the best rehydration method:

  • Check the label for the manufacturer’s specific rehydration instructions. Follow their water-to-food ratio and rehydration time recommendations.

  • Use warm water, around 100-degrees Fahrenheit. Warm water enables fast and effective moisture absorption without damaging nutrients that hot water can cause.

  • Choose a bowl larger than you need. Freeze dried food expands significantly when rehydrating so use a bowl with ample room. Glass or stainless steel bowls are ideal over plastic.

  • Add the warm water and let it sit for the recommended time, usually around 5-10 minutes. This allows full absorption and swelling.

  • Gently stir halfway through and then just before serving to evenly distribute moisture. Stirring prevents any dry clumps.

  • Check texture and tweak water amount if needed. If still too dry, add a touch more warm water. If too wet, drain off some excess moisture.

  • Discard any unused portion after 15 minutes as nutrients start degrading once fully rehydrated. Refrigerate unused rehydrated food.

Follow the steps above for the ideal way to rehydrate freeze dried dog food to maximize nutrition, flavor and palatability. Be sure to store in an airtight container and refrigerate unused portions promptly.

Do You Have to Refrigerate Rehydrated Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze dried dog food is naturally shelf-stable, but yes, once rehydrated it does need refrigeration. Here’s what you need to know about properly storing reconstituted freeze dried food:

  • Rehydrated food should be refrigerated if not used within 15 minutes. Nutrient degradation begins rapidly once water is added back.

  • Portion out daily serving sizes before rehydrating. Only hydrate what you’ll use immediately to avoid waste.

  • Place any unused rehydrated food in an airtight container before refrigerating to prevent moisture loss.

  • Use refrigerated portions within 2 days for optimal freshness and nutritional value.

  • When ready to use, add a little warm water to refrigerated food to restore moisture and taste.

  • Don’t freeze rehydrated food. Freezing and thawing causes texture and nutritional changes.

Proper planning when rehydrating along with prompt refrigeration prevents waste. Only rehydrate daily portions instead of the whole bag’s worth. Follow the 2 day rule for using refrigerated portions.

With some smart management of rehydrated food and the right storage, your dog can enjoy the peak nutrition of freeze dried food at each mealtime.

Can You Feed Freeze Dried Dog Food Without Rehydrating?

It’s best not to feed your dog freeze dried food without first rehydrating it. Here’s why serving freeze dried dog food in its dry state is not recommended:

  • Lack of moisture makes the food hard to digest, leading to constipation or compaction.

  • Difficult to chew and swallow presents a potential choking risk, especially in smaller dogs.

  • Decreased palatability from muted flavors makes the food less appetizing to dogs.

  • Nutritional changes mean freeze dried food fed dry cannot deliver complete, balanced nutrition.

  • Bacterial concerns exist with any dried food left uneaten in the bowl at mealtimes.

So while dogs can technically ingest unrehydrated freeze dried food, doing so provides none of the benefits this format offers when prepared properly with water. Rehydrating makes freeze dried food easier to consume, taste better and restores its nutritional profile.

In very rare circumstances, you might need to serve freeze dried food dry if your dog must eat on the go and adding water is not possible. But this should only be an occasional exception, not the norm. For your dog’s health and safety, properly rehydrate freeze dried food before feeding.

FAQs About Rehydrating Freeze Dried Dog Food

Should you soak freeze dried dog food?

Yes, soaking freeze dried food in water (otherwise known as rehydrating) is recommended by manufacturers and ensures proper texture, flavor and nutrition. Follow package directions for the right soaking time, typically 5 to 10 minutes.

Can you add too much water to freeze dried dog food?

Yes, it's possible to over-hydrate freeze dried food if you exceed the recommended water-to-food ratio. This can make the food too watery in texture. Start with package guidelines and adjust moisture levels as needed.

Is it okay to mix dry and rehydrated freeze dried food?

It's best not to mix dry kibble or treats with rehydrated food. The differing textures and moisture levels are not ideal for dogs to consume in the same meal. Hydrate freeze dried food fully before feeding.

Should you refrigerate unused freeze dried food after opening?

Unopened freeze dried food has an extended shelf life of 2-3 years when stored properly. Once opened, keep packages sealed and continue storing in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is only needed once rehydrated.

Can you rehydrate freeze dried dog food and leave it out?

No, rehydrated freeze dried food left at room temperature instead of promptly refrigerated allows bacterial growth. Only rehydrate what your dog will eat within 15 minutes and refrigerate any remainder.

The Takeaway

Freeze dried dog food needs proper rehydration with water before feeding to dogs. This restores moisture content and texture for safe eating and optimal nutrition. Follow package directions, use warm water, allow time for full absorption and refrigerate promptly. With the right rehydration method, freeze dried food delivers premium quality nutrition for a healthy, happy pup. The small effort to rehydrate is well worth it for your furry friend.

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