About Us

Hello there, fellow animal lovers and dog parents! 👋 I hope you've been having a fabulous day so far and that you continue to even after we're done here!

I'm Rush and I am the heart and soul behind WoofWorthyFoods. I am supported by a few friends here at times, but for the most part, I am the sole force and face behind this blog! I am an avid reader 📚, a prolific writer ✍️, a visual designer 🎨, and - above all - I seek to be a passionate voice for the well-being, nurturing, and conservation of animals through my writing and all the action it would in turn spur🐾.

My earliest memories of being around animals date back to when I was a child. At that point, our garden at my grandparents where I spent most of my time growing up, was a place that was alive and bustling with flora and fauna of different species🌳🌺🌱🦉🐱. We had songbirds galore, industrious squirrels hurrying about, a whole bunch of visiting and resident cats, kittens, and dogs, several insects of all shapes and sizes, small reptiles scuttling about, and even an occasional snake or two slithering in and out! And that is where my journey with nature began and it's also where I first learned to feed, exercise and groom dogs, care for injured animals, nurture rescues, and basically live in harmony with all the feathered, furry, and scaly beings around us.

Besides the natural world, I have been fascinated with the sheer magic of storytelling🧚‍♂️. Whether it was essays, poems, or full-length novels, I'd tried them all, by the time I had gotten to high school. And to this day, I adore using the written word to explore new worlds, share ideas, and ignite emotions. For I believe that words can give a powerful voice even to the mute!

While I have been busy on the professional front, donning various hats, one thing has remained unchanged. And that is my love for nature's creations, especially dogs 🐶🐶, which has remained a driving force behind many an endeavor! And I must add that the unconditional love and steady companionship that I got from the many dogs, birds, and other animals that I helped rescue, rehabilitate, and/or even adopt over the years, has remained unparalleled and unmatched. I have been fortunate enough to experience firsthand, the joy and fulfillment that comes from providing a loving home 🏡 to these wonderful beings. Beyond the realm of domestic pets, my heart also lies with wildlife conservation 🦍🐯🌲, fueling my commitment to do my bit for the betterment of animal lives and their welfare, in whatever ways I can, big or small.

Now coming to this blog, I want to mention that the inspiration for WoofWorthyFoods has sprung from my experiences as a dog parent and the enduring love I've had for them ❤️. And with this blog as a medium, my mission is to provide dog parents - whether first-time or seasoned - with valuable insights into dog nutrition🥩, health 💊, and well-being.

A lot of what I have learned through my own experiences with dogs has found its way into this blog. I also occasionally seek the wisdom of veterinarian friends👩‍⚕️ and they graciously share their professional insights, helping me deliver well-rounded, informed content to you, dear readers. And last but not the least, owing to my love of reading, some of the information on this blog also trickles in from all I have gathered through my extensive reading & research, both offline and online - albeit from reliable and trustworthy sources.

In short, WoofWorthyFoods is not just intended to be a blog - it's intended to be a community for dog lovers, a treasure trove of knowledge for dog parents 📚, and a platform for like-minded animal lovers to gather, read and share! And I hope you'll join me in making that happen - for a community/platform without its people and their continued support and patronization, would get nowhere!

Am signing off for now! ❤️And before I go, I'd like to thank you for stopping by, and wish you a fulfilling reading experience out here, always! 🎉